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Hello, I'm RejaVu OU. I'm a digital agency in Estonia.

I provide you wide variety of services including Website Development, Digital Marketing, Digital Advertisement, Digital Designs, Digital Consultancy, Social Media Management, Translations and more. I provide my 20+ years of experience along with every service I deliver.


  • Website Development

    Your silent representative has enormous impact on your clients even while you are sleeping. Make sure your website is up to date in all aspects.

  • Brand/Corporate Identity

    Consistency is so important. Let your customers recognize you in a blink.

  • Creative Design

    From flyer to posters, website to email designs, social media posts to logos; put yourself into your customers' mind with your quality and elegance.

  • Digital Marketing

    Enhancing your existence on digital world is essential, and choosing the right tools is what makes the difference.

  • Social Media

    Human touch is getting much more important in marketing every day. Social media is the must platform for you to exist and get into touch with your customers directly...

  • Digital Advertisement

    The correct setup of your advertisement on digital platforms makes a huge difference on your ROI, as well as choosing the right platforms, methods and correctly defining your personas, too.

  • Digital Consultancy

    Not every business is in need of the same concepts. Taking actions tailored to your own company and sector is a very clever decision...

  • Translations

    Simultaneous, sworn or technical/medical translations between English, Italian, German, Turkish. Please get into touch for the details.

  • Everything about emails

    From design to fail-safe HTML files, from MailChimp templates to scheduling on your segments, everything you'd need for reaching out to your customers through emails...

  • Webinar Hosting

    This powerful tool can help you create low budgeted new generation events as well as helping you create lasting impression and stronger relationships with your customers.

  • Movie Creation&Editing

    From editing your webinar recordings to short videos for which to use in your digital advertisement or your social media is the quickest way to deliver your message.


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